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Bridge for Billions is an online incubator with the objective of impulsing early-stage projects from around the world. We' offer a program based on three pillars: learn by doing, support and advice from mentors and join our community of global entrepeneurs to share your experience with.

Our Values

Innovation can Happen Anywhere

We are committed to the idea that innovation and entrepreneurship should have no borders. We harness the power of technology to ensure that location doesn't play a role in limiting the ability of an entrepreneur to receive mentorship, support, or visibility.

Motivation + Resources = Successful Entrepreneurs

We strive to make entrepreneurship accessible to all who are motivated and passionate about business. Those who are motivated should not fail because of a lack of opportunity or access to a traditional business program.

Collaborative & Active Learning are Most Effective

We are passionate about the exchanging of ideas. We believe that this exchange is how learning is made more effective. We also believe that the best way to learn is through action. By putting into practice what you’ve learned, you better understand the ideas and how they play out in your business.

Good Mentorship Unlocks Potential

Mentorship provides a fresh look on an idea. They give an unbiased and external point of view to ensure that you’re on the right path. We believe that it is this mentorship that helps develop strong businesses with the potential to succeed.

Meet Our Team

Pablo Santaeufemia

Entrepreneurship aficionado, Forbes 30 under 30, and Ashoka Fellow, who’s driven by his desire to make all that he’s learned available to everyone. He graduated from Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Pablo Santaeufemia
  • CEO & Co-Founder
Edgar Salazar

Builds all parts of tech powering Bridge for Billions and graduated from MIT & University of Manchester.

  • Edgar Salazar
  • CTO & Co-Founder
Jessica Kou

Designs the visuals, UI and UX of Bridge for Billions and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Jessica (Wan-Ting) Kou
  • CDO & Co-Founder
Julie Murat

The link between the customer and Bridge for Billions as well as an awesome sales woman. She’s a graduate of ESSCA and Universidad de Chile.

  • Julie Murat
  • Head of Operations
Fabian Almenara

Our user interaction obsessed developer. On top of keeping our app top notch, he loves to create the cool animations you’ll see there. He graduated from the Universidad de Granada and the University of Vienna.

  • Fabián Almenara
  • Software Engineer
Jaime Mateo

Develops clean code, and solves our pesky bugs, while ensuring your privacy is #1. He graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

  • Jaime Mateo
  • Full-Stack Developer
Renato Pinto

Develops web pages, solves your most pressing tech issues, and tries to make our webpages as accessible as possible. He graduated from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

  • Renato Pinto
  • Full-Stack Developer
Paula Abarca

Google Analytics aficionado who runs our social media accounts, creates all our content and runs our community program. She’s a graduate of Brown University.

  • Paula Abarca
  • Head of Communications
Adolfo Berraquero

He wants every entrepreneur in the world to know about our program, and he won't rest until he achieves it. He graduated from the University of Sevilla.

  • Adolfo Berraquero
  • Growth Marketing

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