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Become a volunteer mentor to connect with and guide early-stage founders in the development of their business projects through our 3-month online incubation program.

Our community is vast, but it’s not just numbers…

We exist to foster real connections and growth.
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As well as connecting online...

There are mentors who travel to meet entrepreneurs in person, some who are completing their thirteenth mentoring experience with Bridge for Billions, and others who have even become co-founders with their entrepreneurs

Being a mentor is…
We could tell you all about how enriching and enlightening it is to mentor projects from 63 different countries while connecting with professionals from a variety of sectors, but it’s better that you hear it from our entrepreneurs and mentors themselves. Their energy is contagious!

"Bridge for Billions provides an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into business proposals that respond to their needs. I had the great privilege to mentor a social entrepreneurship project. I am proud to say that I have learned a lot and improved my knowledge and experience through this process."


“Unlike other programs where I’ve mentored, The Leap is very intuitive and easy to structure. It allowed me to contribute a lot in a short amount of time.”

María Oria
Mentor & Investor

"We were lucky to count with two intelligent and experienced mentors: Nelson Romero and Roger Hidalgo. Our mentor has been a guiding light. He’s been our coach, one generous with his time and knowledge. Roger has a wealth of experience and an ability to explain complicated concepts in simple, digestible bits that stay with you. They’ve brought focus to our brainstorming sessions, solved our doubts, shared additional resources. They’ve become a part of Wakuy."

Maria Andreina
Entrepreneur, The Leap May 2019

“Not only do I feel like I’ve had an impact, but I’ve also gained experience in how to start a business, thanks to the program’s tools and methodology.”

Mandy Xi

We make mentorship-based incubation easy.

Help early-stage founders deep dive on the fundamentals of their business projects and build their business plan by guiding them through our 8 business tools. With the right tools, all professionals can be great mentors.

Value Proposition

Help entrepreneurs understand and explain why people would be interested in their offer.

Competition Map

Support early-stage founders understand the weaknesses and strengths of their competitors so they can develop their spot in the market.

Stakeholder Map

Support the understanding of relationships with partners, supporters, suppliers and, of course, their team.

Business Model & Marketing

Challenge together the business model and help them dream about their marketing plan.

Pricing & Business Viability

Help them understand the business opportunities they could be losing over a high price or support them in seeing if they’re being too shy with a price.

Financial Projections

Even if you’re not an expert in numbers. Walk with the entrepreneurs through our step-by-step tool to understand the financial needs of the project.

Impact Plan

Building an Impact Plan will help them clarify what system they’re a part of and how they’re trying to influence it.

Growth Plan

Having solid, measurable objectives is a great way to help them stay on track.
Plus laptop device

The best mentoring platform in the ecosystem.

Learn the latest entrepreneurship methodology with access to our entire program and the accompanying resources. Discover new methods and apply them to your day to day.

  • Revise the entrepreneur’s work done on the digital platform.
  • Leave comments and questions.
  • Review in an organized step-by- step way.
  • Improve your mentoring skills while helping others to develop their projects
  • Our 100% online program allows you to collaborate when and where you want

What do I need to become a mentor?

More than expertise, entrepreneurs are looking for a supporter, a fresh pair of eyes, someone to hold them accountable and question their ideas. Whether you’re an experienced professional in your sector looking to help others, or have been an entrepreneur yourself and you want to use your learnings to inspire others… we’re looking for you!

  • 1 online meeting per week with the entrepreneur you're guiding.
  • A passion for impacting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • At least 5 years of experience.

It’s a match!

Explore entrepreneurs’ projects and send invites to your favorites. New teams from around the world join every month.

Change the entrepreneurship ecosystem!

You are the only missing piece.

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Step 1

Apply to be a mentor

Fill out the application by answering some questions about yourself, your experience, and why you want to mentor.

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Step 2
Choose the projects you’re interested in and meet the entrepreneurs

Schedule a first video call with several founders and find out who you want to work with.

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Step 3

Match with your favorite project

For three months you’ll be able to give your chosen project a boost by supporting them through the incubation program.

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Step 4

Start the journey!

We’ll give you access to our library of materials so your mentorship experience can be the best possible. Everything you need to know about the program!

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