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The Leap

The clarity you are looking for will come when you start

Bridge’s flagship online incubation program was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We know you have no time to waste and you want to be sure about your business idea before you launch. We wanted that too.

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Take a look at all we've achieved together

We want you to make the best decision for you and your startup. 

More than 1,100 supported entrepreneurs from more than 60 countries have verified that thanks to a structured methodology, good mentoring, and a community that helps connect them with a growth network, you can successfully start a business.

Online Platform

Our platform and its 8 tools will guide you during the 3 months that the program lasts.

Good Mentoring

Unique matching process. Week by week you will work with your mentor and will challenge your work.


Be part of an international community of entrepreneurs and mentors. Ask for advice, join Masterclasses, and grow your network.

Is this the program for me?

If you are then this program is for you.

The best mentoring platform in the ecosystem

The Bridge for Billions method is based on building a business plan from the ground up while surrounded by a community of supporters: mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and our incubation team.

Our online platform with a step by step structure allows entrepreneurs to experiment, research, and document their ideas in a way that by the end of the program they can download their actionable business plan.

We guide you, the mentors challenge and support you, and you will talk to your real target customers along the way.

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Why choose The Leap?

The best platform in the ecosystem, your own mentor and all the flexibility in the world to build your business plan at your own pace.

Other Programs

  • Volunteer mentors from all over the world join us every month to support projects like yours.
  • Choose your mentor through an organic matching process. They’ll choose you too.
  • Get access to real examples of other businesses while you're building your own.
  • Our methodology is based on you learning by actually doing. No videos, no lectures. Just you and your business tools.
  • Work on your own time, you decide the day and time with your mentor.
  • We not only do not take equity over but we make an effort to have an affordable and fair price compared to the market.
  • Mentors are limited by geography so you only get to choose from the mentors available in your city.
  • Sometimes you can’t choose your mentor.
  • You’ll be learning to be an entrepreneur with somebody else's idea.
  • Their methodology is based on you listening to professionals speak about different topics.
  • You depend on their availability.
  • Often incubators will take equity over your project and will often be expensive.

How much does it cost?

To be completely honest and fully transparent with you, it costs us around €1,500 to incubate each project we receive. Our Incubation Program Price is subsidized thanks to our social enterprise model and it’s 16x more economical than other incubation programs.


*In 3 easy installments of €300/month

How will this work?

The Leap is a 3 month online incubation program.

Step 1
Submit your application

Apply before June the 8th, 2020

Step 2
Select the mentor you want to work with

Match with mentor before June 19th, 2020.

Step 3
Start your incubation program

Program starts on June 24th, 2020.

You didn’t hear it from us

"Being incubated by Bridge for Billions allowed us to not only understand better our business model, but also our limitations and potential risks. It's an extraordinary experience designed to build strong foundations for the future success of the company. 100% recommended!"

The Leap

"Bridge For Billions' Leap program has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and compelled me to structure and seriously think about the critical details of my venture. It has also opened doors for me: I've been invited to present my venture at the Platform Coop Conference in New York!"

The Leap February 2019

"At Bridge, I did not only find a way to cross from one place to another, but a whole road map to transform my idea into a clear and motivating business venture. And also, lots of knowledgeable guides and excellent travel companions!"

The Leap June 2019

"Bridge for billions is a unique tool to transform your idea into a viable project. They help you to consider and shape vital points for your business, and they mentor you through the whole process. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a business and needs guidance. Great platform and team."

The Leap May 2019

They believe in us

And have awarded Bridge for Billions more than once. Read what they have to say about us.