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Agriculture and Fishing

David Asiamah

Founder of Agro Mindset

Ghana - 2015

Helps farmers to run highly profitable agribusinesses and showcase this know-how to young aspiring farmers.

José Martín

Founder of Apadrina un Olivo

Spain - 2016

Let people & companies “adopt” an abandoned olive tree in Spain, therefore fighting rural desertification & receiving sustainable olive oil.


Sumeena Karki

Founder of RARA Biotech

Nepal - 2018

Pregnancy detection kit for cattle within 30 days after insemination. By knowing the pregnancy, farmers can make better decisions.

Frejus Thoto

Founder of DagriVest

Benin - 2017

Provide talents, market linkages, business knowledge and finance facilitation to agribusinesses in West Africa.

Arts, Culture & Sports

Daniel Montañés

Founder of Aureel

Spain - 2016

Creates ground-breaking technologies to enhance physical activity and make workouts optimal for improving health and physical condition.


Serban Damian

Founder of Superfit

Romania - 2019

Supports athletes to make the right decisions for their well-being easily and reach their nutrition and sports goals.

Luana Bistane

Founder of LadoBe Creative Agency

Brazil - 2017

LadoBe Creative promotes innovation and internationalization of Brazilian companies, cultural branding, and cultural & creative projects.

Daniel Martínez

Founder of La Calle Sonante

Spain - 2019

Fosters street performances by connecting city councils, street artists and the public in an innovative way.

Assistance, Civic Society, & Human Rights

Pritish Bhavnani

Founder of A Cry For Help Foundation

India - 2019

Helps children struggling with mental health issues and problems like bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and suicide prevention.

Silvia Fernandez

Founder of Arte Paliativo

Spain - 2017

Accompany people who are hospitalized and suffering from terminal disease through artistic expression.

Dissa Ahdanisa

Founder of Fingertalk Cafe

Indonesia - 2017

A cafe located Indonesia that employs deaf youths around the area and brings them closer to the hearing community (and vice versa).

Kiwa Singh

Founder of Mountain Village Foundation

India - 2018

Pipeline of rural entrepreneurs who will bring about meaningful development in their villages. The program aims to support the current underutilized talent of the mountain girls.

Beauty & Fashion

Pablo Jordán

Founder of Nikarit

Spain - 2019

A shea butter brand with values of solidarity and purity, ethically made by women's cooperatives in Benin.

Maria Andreina Gomez

Founder of Wakuyi

Venezuela - 2019

An all-in-one online solution for booking, management and marketing for beauty and wellness centers.

Carolina Ferrer

Founder of Roots & Sisters

Spain - 2018

Sustainable Women’s Fashion Brand that promotes female empowerment through unique blouses for all sizes using an inclusive business model.

Sandra Kanaska

Founder of Wolli Molli

Latvia - 2018

A fair trade fashion brand creating children knitwear using baby alpaca wool by skilled artisan women from Latvia and Peru.

Cities, Housing, & Transportation

Miguel Linera

Founder of AREX Blockchain Real Estate

Spain - 2019

Democratize access to the real estate sector by eliminating international barriers to investment, bureaucracy and paperwork.

Abhishek Banerjee

Founder of Qube

India - 2018

Developing construction bricks made out of plastic waste, thus addressing the issue of plastic waste disposal and empowering Indian workers.

Chris Plante

Founder of OurHousz

USA - 2018

Fractional ownership in homes near universities to families who would otherwise pay rent for the duration of their student’s college experience, enabling them to buy and build equity during the college terms.

Salvador Aguilera

Founder of Eirene

Spain - 2018

Data at the service of people. Facilitates the collection of field and impact data while guaranteeing the privacy and anonymity of users.

Consulting, Finance, Insurance, & Legal

Leyre Romero

Project Coordinator at Areteia RSC Consultancy

Spain - 2016

A CSR consulting firm that strengthens SMEs, social organizations and public sector agencies in sustainability leadership.

Héritier Kitumaini

Founder of Bcecoloans

D.R. of Congo - 2018

Offers innovative banking services to financially include vulnerable populations such as youth, women and smallholder farmers.

Zulfiqar Deo

Founder of BizGees

United Kingdom - 2019

Transforms refugees into entrepreneurs through financial inclusion, using interest-free microfinance and alternative finance.

Kris Supavatanakul

Founder of Cheewid

Thailand - 2019

We strive to make the donation easy and information engaging so all givers make the best decisions when it comes to giving to any socially-driven organization.

Education & Training

Emmanuel Mzembe

Founder of Bikema Academic Center

Malawi - 2018

An affordable secondary school for students from low income families, teaching leadership, financial literacy & entrepreneurship.

Taichi Kohatsu

Founder of E-Education

Japan - 2019

Provides quality education opportunities for high school students and teachers in remote and minority communities with limited opportunities

Admir Huseini

Founder of Gauss School

North Macedonia - 2016

A school and an elearning platform that provides teaching of mathematics and programming to all motivated students.

Eugenia Gargallo

Founder of UP Training Club

Spain - 2016

UP Training Club is a space and a community for young people to get inspired, find what they want to do and improve their skills.

Energy & Environment

Andrés Celave

Founder of CoolTrack

Spain - 2019

Digital marketplace using blockchain technology for a more transparent and greener refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) Sector

Eugene Osomobegbe

Founder of The Solar Oven

Nigeria - 2018

Eco Wonder Box is a combination of a solar cooker, a solar oven and a solar dryer all in one to facilitate food security.

Akira Sakano

Founder of Zero Waste Academy

Japan - 2018

Aims to build a zero waste society by changing the mindset & action of people, to turn waste into valuables.

Raúl Trenado

Founder of ReCircUP

Spain - 2019

An integrated tech solution (IoT + Cloud) that encourages collaborative recycling, drives circular economy, and encourages sustainable consumption.

Health & Medical

Che Francis Ndikum

Founder of eDoctar

Cameroon - 2019

Telemedicine platform offering online remote medical consultations and mental health counseling across developing countries.

Nuria Pastor Hernández

Founder of HumanITCare

Spain - 2018

Gives real meaning to health data by providing research-based medical knowledge to reduce clinical costs and improve clinical outcomes

Paola Téllez

Founder of Impact Minds

Colombia - 2017

Building the mental wellness digital ecosystem of the future. Provides people with tools to train their emotional wellness & mental health.

Rafael Sánchez

Founder of LifeChain Fund


A platform that aims to open and channel financial resources to direct them towards innovative research with a scientific basis in health.

IT & High-Tech

Fernando Chico

Founder of focus360º

Spain - 2019

A management tool that helps people organize their day to day, from teamwork to project, tasks and budgeting.

Arus Manvelyan

Founder of Koanvr

Germany - 2018

Provides VR therapy to companies to reduce stress levels and depression at workplaces and improve well-being of employees.

Álvaro de Francisco

Founder of Miwuki

Spain - 2018

Digital platform & app to facilitate the adoption of animals from shelters, rescuers and public administrations.

Ryan Villanueva

Founder of Waypost

USA - 2018

Lets freelancers manage invoices and scheduling so everyone has an easy way to track payments as they move from submitted to scheduled.

Travel, Food, & Entertainment

Álvaro Cereceda

Founder of Applergy

Spain - 2018

App that helps users with celiac disease, allergies or food intolerances know which dishes they can eat from retaurants or catering.

Lydia Serrano

Founder of comocomo

Spain - 2019

Fosters good eating habits for children through workshops and talks, using tools such as cooking workshops designed by nutritionists

Veronika Mercks

Founder of Navigaia Journeys

Germany - 2019

Making travel experiences accessible to people with diverse backgrounds and encourage people to travel with cultural sensibility.

Christoph Kain

Founder of bag2share

Austria - 2018

Find and rent the perfect luggage for any trip. Don’t store luggage at home taking up usable space. Reduce consumption by sharing luggage.

Water & Sanitation

Pedro de Cea

Founder of BlueEngin

Spain - 2019

Develops tools that allow the integral management of the water cycle in communities or farm to promote the sustainable use of water,.

Hendrix Charvolin

Founder of WaterCollect

France - 2018

Greywater recovery system (waste water from the shower) and filtration for reuse in the toilet's flush.

Amaia Garcia

Co-founder of S-There

Spain - 2017

S-There, a device that converts any toilet into a smart toilet for analyzing your urine. Make it hygienic, and it keeps you informed regarding the status of your health.

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