FAQ for Entrepreneurs | Bridge for Billions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an incubation program?

An incubation program helps new businesses get started and grow by offering various types of support, which often includes business tools, mentorship, trainings and access to a peer community. By being online we help you from anywhere, and at anytime. However, incubators aren’t one size fits all. So check us out and make sure that we’re a good fit with your needs and your stage of development.

Is Bridge for Billions the right fit for me?

Bridge for Billions is designed for any early stage venture that is not yet scaling (idea, project, proof of concept, prototype, MVP, startup). Our program connects you with a mentor that guides you during 3 months and helps you validate your plan step by step, enabling you to take your business to the next level. Download our full program description here.

Where do I need to be located?

The program is entirely online and we’ve had alumni from 40+ countries, so you can easily join from anywhere in the world. As of today the program is available in English, Spanish and French. Stay tuned for new languages to come!

Can I join if I work or study full-time?

Yes you can! Our incubation program is designed to run parallel with existing work or courses of study, and of course the development of your product or service.

What about the privacy of the information I put on the platform?

We understand the importance of privacy, especially to entrepreneurs. Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy guarantee the protection of your data. Your mentor also signs a confidentiality agreement prior to starting the journey. We will never share your project with investors without your prior consent. We hope that our reputation speaks for itself on this topic.

Who are the Bridge for Billions' mentors?

Bridge for Billions mentors come from a wide range of countries and industry background. They all share the same passion for entrepreneurship and for sharing their skills with others — voluntarily! This ensures that they want the best for you, and will help you in the best ways they know how. Learn more on the Mentor page.

I have my own mentor, can he/she join my project?

Yes, additionally to your B4B mentor, you can invite your own mentor/s to the platform at no cost.

Does it cost money to participate in Bridge for Billions?

Yes – We charge $360 per project to participate. This program fee helps to cover basic costs of running the Bridge for Billions Program and finding your mentor match. We don’t take any equity in your business. A few fee reductions are available in exceptional cases, email us for more information at info@bridgeforbillions.org

Do you invest in the businesses that go through Bridge for Billions?

We don’t directly invest in any business that take part in the Bridge for Billions Program. However, after finishing the program, you can become a member of our Alumni Club and be matched with investors based on geography, sector and other criterias.

How do I apply?

We launch monthly applications. To be in the loop of when the next Application goes live let us know here.

What happens if I cannot finish the program in 3 months?

You will always have the option to extend your program by being a member of our Alumni Club for $50 per month.

I know an organization that would be interested in Bridge for Billions. Who can I contact?

Bridge for Billions offers a number of services to corporations, business schools, incubators, accelerators, investment funds and any organization that wishes to use our incubation technology with their own entrepreneurs and mentors. Please visit the Institutions page to learn more, and feel free to contact us at info@bridgeforbillions.org.