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The 21st century is bringing unprecedented challenges. It’s urgent that more people & organizations start to innovate so we can transform our societies & economies. This is why our big mission is to democratize innovation.

What we can do with & for you

Unleash open innovation in your company & train intrapreneurs

Open Innovation & Intrapreneurship Programs

Find opportunities and develop innovations that increases your competitiveness.
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Engage your employees as startup mentors

Engage your employees as startup mentors

Employee Engagement Programs

Train your employees to become mentors and flex their entrepreneurial muscle.
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Boost the impact of your organization

Social & Environmental Impact Programs

Incubate entrepreneurs globally in your preferred sector and have a big impact.
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Strengthen the ecosystem in your region & create jobs

Economic Development Programs

Train & equip local ecosystem players to be able to support more entrepreneurs and create local jobs.
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Make students job creators instead of job seekers

University Entrepreneurship Programs

Provide a real-life entrepreneurship experience to your university students.
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Bridge around the world

We are one of the largest networks of entrepreneurship programs globally. Since 2015, we’ve co-created more than 100 entrepreneurship programs with key players in the ecosystem.

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