Economic Development Programs

Innovation-based entrepreneurship is the most powerful instrument to create jobs and boost local economic activity.

Strengthen ecosystems with us.

They are building ecosystems with us

More than a “train the trainers” type of program, we offer a “supercharge the trainers” solution. We work with local ecosystem players to scale their capacity and foster innovation-based entrepreneurship locally, the most effective and systemic instrument to create resilient jobs and fight inequalities. Snowball effect guaranteed!

Innovation-based entrepreneurship generates resilient jobs and economic growth.

Economic Development Programs
Build many programs at once

By equipping and training local support organizations to generate larger and more effective programs with our disciplined method, you will scale your impact.

Economic Development Programs
Adaptable to the local reality

Create the program that works exactly for the region you want to support. Let’s find the model that works best for the entrepreneurs in that region. Online, offline, hybrid, extra resources… let’s chat!

Economic Development Programs
Measure & better evaluate the impact

By providing a standardized and digital process and indicators across the entire journey, you will be able to evaluate the impact of your investments.

Economic Development Programs

“Working with Bridge for Billions was very important for the IDEA App program in Guinea built with UNIDO: the program wouldn’t have been a success without it. The platform and their service made my work easier, increased the quality of the program and simplified the work of the mentors.”

Mohamed Lamine Magassouba
Manager at Jatropha Hub, local incubation center in Guinea part of UNIDO’s IDEA App global initiative

How does it work?

We will jointly select local ecosystem players in the countries where we want to strengthen the ecosystem and give them the right tools and training so they can run highly efficient and scalable incubation programs. We’ll guide them all along the journey to make sure the entrepreneurs achieve tangible results.

1. Program Architecture & Design

We’ll start by defining the objectives of your program, the milestones we should achieve on our way to reaching them and the calendar that best works for you.

We’ll define together the selection criteria for both entrepreneurs and mentors in order to scout and find exactly what you need.

Economic Development Programs
Economic Development Programs
2. Call for local ecosystem players​

We’ll help you identify & select the local ecosystem players that want to scale their outreach.

With both our know-how of the global entrepreneurship ecosystem and all our local partners around the world we’ll build the perfect program to reach your objectives.

3. Training of local program managers

We’ll train your program directors to all the nitty gritty details of running a successful program with the platform.

From what to look for when scouting for entrepreneurs and mentors to following up closely in the day to day to give the best level of incubation support possible.

Economic Development Programs
Economic Development Programs
4. Selection of participants & smart matching

We’ll onboard entrepreneurs and mentors and they’ll use the matching tool for an optimized & organic connection process. Before they start the entrepreneurial journey we’ll make sure they both meet several people and select who they want to work with for the duration of the program.

It’s important that they see how they can add value to each other but also be sure that they’d enjoy working together.

5. Methodology proven by 1000+ entrepreneurs

The teams will have access to the 8 incubation tools that will guide them in creating a validated business plan and with the support of their mentors they’ll resolve doubts and fears in their weekly mentorship sessions.

Our incubation managers will make sure everyone is right on track and no one is falling behind. 

Economic Development Programs
Economic Development Programs
6. Business plans, demo day & tangible impact

With their visual business plans, teams can communicate to the world, go to market,  pitch… Sky’s the limit. We’ll follow up closely even after the program ends to make sure that the impact is sustainable in time.

We’ll track tangible effects like job creation and survival rate of the projects in order to know the impact of the program.

Dive inside a purpose-driven entrepreneurship program

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) partnered with us to create IDEA App, an online program to connect young entrepreneurs with mentors from all over the world to accelerate the growth of new entrepreneurship communities and foster an entrepreneurial culture. Watch this video about our program in Guinea, as we are planning to roll out in 10 new countries in 2020.

Other clients stories
Meet a Bridge for Billions program architect
Our program architects design innovation programs with the world’s leading corporates, foundations, universities and governments. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that each organization needs a tailored program that produces the right results, and that’s our main focus.

Economic Development Programs

Julie Murat

Economic Development Programs

Afia Amanfo

Economic Development Programs

Pablo Santaeufemia

Economic Development Programs

Adolfo Berraquero

Economic Development Programs

Sara Lee Wolfe

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