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Innovate with startups & co-create new offerings advancing your sector

We help you bring to life the latest innovation, transform your organization and solve 21st century challenges.

Powering innovation with

You might be wondering how to best anticipate the societal changes that are happening or how to identify tomorrow’s trends, maybe you’re wondering how to embark your business units in the innovation journey or how to create a culture of innovation. You’ve come to the right place.

Why engage in Open Innovation?

Uncover innovation in your sector

Find untapped potential in purpose-driven innovation by collaborating with early-stage founders or embarking your employees in an innovation journey.

The best innovation methodologies

Our online platform structures the innovation process via 8 immersive tools inspired by leading frameworks such as MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup. Entrepreneurs & mentors can collaborate step by step.

Innovation ready to scale

Teams will end the journey with a tested solution and a viable business plan, now they are ready to collaborate with you.

“Being able to design a program like Future Cities with Bridge for Billions as a strategic partner has allowed us to learn about innovative solutions that are already working to create more sustainable and responsible cities; and to create our own innovation community with which we are starting to collaborate.”

Carlos Valdés
Social Innovation Director for Via Celere

Learn about the Open Innovation Funnel with us.

Effective open innovation is about finding and testing new business ideas at start-up speed. Work with us to design the exact program you need and make open innovation a part of your DNA.

1. Innovation Gaps Audit & Program Design

Let’s co-create your program together! We’ll start by defining your innovation goals and designing the program and selection criteria together.

2. Call for Startups & Mentors

Headhunt the innovators you need through internal scouting, our network of partners, and digital campaigns.

We’ll find the startups and mentors you’d partner perfectly with.

3. Onboarding & intelligent matching

We’ll onboard startups and mentors, show them around our platform and make sure they have everything they need to start their journey together. They  will connect in an organic and optimized way using our matching tool.

Both mentors and entrepreneurs will meet with several people and decide who they’d prefer to work with.

4. Methodology proven by 100+ programs

Teams access the incubation tools that guide them in creating a validated business plan and do weekly mentorship sessions.

From defining their value proposition together, working on their financial projections and identifying the best way to grow.

5. Business plans, investment readiness & demo day

Startups obtain a business plan, can receive investment-readiness training and pitch it to you and your stakeholders.

You’ll be able to track who’s on track and who’s falling behind and we’ll support them all throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

6. Pilot with you & exponential impact

Structure & define how the collaboration process will be in terms of financing, intellectual property, governance, and become a shaping force in your sector.

Your assigned incubation manager will help you understand and manage every detail of your collaboration with startups.

Inspiring collaborations

Dive inside a corporate innovation program

Optima via the Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators promoted Buildings4People, an open innovation initiative to detect and promote innovative solutions applications to the pressing challenges of the Facility Management industry, providing key innovation for the sustainability of this sector and members of the alliance.

Meet a Bridge for Billions program architect

Our program architects design innovation programs with the world’s leading corporates, foundations, universities and governments. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that each organization needs a tailored program that produces the right results, and that’s our main focus.

Juliet Murat

Afia Amanfo

Pablo Santaeufemia

Adolfo Berraquero

Sara Lee Wolfe

Meet your program architect
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