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Solutions for Humanity

Join our one-off, fully sponsored program to develop solutions that will help combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a business from nothing.

The Leap is an online incubation program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs - to help you transform your idea into an actionable business plan in just 3 months.

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The Entrepreneur Experience

‘Through The Leap, I got to challenge the foundations of my project by digging deeper into the fundamentals and truth behind my clients real pains all the way.’

Jose Maria Elola, founder of Nikarit

The Leap August 2019

So, how does it work really?

All founders are welcome

Whether you’re working full time, still studying or focused solely on your project, on your own or with a team, working on a startup or a non-profit, all you need are 7 hours a week, a great internet connection, and an even better attitude.

Startup Incubator
startup process

Build your business plan with interactive tools

Structure your work, challenge what you think you know, and tie it all together in a visual PDF business plan.

Value Proposition

Define your target customer segments and their unique needs, explore their current pains to map opportunities, and identify the right value proposition for each segment.

Competition Map

Define and research your competitors, discover your strengths and weaknesses in the market, and identify how to stand out.

Stakeholder Map

Map the broader ecosystem around your company, understand the value exchanged between you and your partners, and make decisions about your plans for distribution.

Business Model & Marketing

Understand and choose what business model is best for you, learn about your marketing funnel, and estimate your customer acquisition cost.

Pricing & Business Viability

Understand pricing strategies and choose the best one for you, gather the information you need to set a price, and estimate the revenue value of your customers over time.

Financial Projections

Calculate the costs you'll need to cover to launch, learn how to forecast financial scenarios, and understand the sales targets you'll need to reach to stay in business.

Impact Plan

Discover the broader system you operate within and map out how to change it, define clear mission and vision statements, and plan how you will measure your business’ impact.

Growth Plan

Articulate your long term goals, set KPIs and objectives for your first three years and draft the plan to reach them, and identify risks in order to set mitigation strategies.
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We decided to take the cost of your shoulders.

It’s our mission to bring more diversity and inclusivity to entrepreneurial ecosystems. We’ve worked hard to set an affordable and fair price for the most comprehensive online incubation program out there: one flat fee. No hidden costs. Zero equity taken.

We offer need-based partial financial support to entrepreneurs in vulnerable situations.

$ 175

$525 for 3 months

  • Weekly support from a personalized mentor to guide you throughout the program
  • 8 business tool access to work on your visual business plan step-by-step
  • Unlock opportunities and seek advice from other entrepreneurs via our global community, you’ll have lifetime access!
  • Support from your Incubation Manager during the 3-month program.
  • The chance to win up to 5K in seed capital in our bi-annual Leap Pitch Challenge.
  • Invitations to masterclasses and resources so you can deep dive in a variety of topics and apply to your business.

They've taken The Leap

Miguel Linera
Miguel Linera
Co-founder of Arex
January 2019
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"Being incubated by Bridge for Billions allowed us to not only understand better our business model, but also our limitations and potential risks. It's an extraordinary experience designed to build strong foundations for the future success of the company. 100% recommended!"
Emelyne Bahanda​
Emelyne Bahanda​
Founder of Nsengo
February 2019​
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"The Leap has been a turning point for me: I had an idea for 2 years and I wasn't able to find the resources to bring it to life. The Leap provided me with structure and tools to follow and most importantly the weekly checkpoints to build my business plan. I'm not a tech, marketing or finance specialist, but I've been able to bring my idea to life with the support of my two greatmentors."
Ryan Villanueva​
Ryan Villanueva​
Founder of WayPost
September 2019​
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"We're so grateful, not only for the prize but for all the help and support The Leap has provided over the past months. I think the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is going solo without external validation, but Bridge for Billions has been a key part of bridging that gap to where we are now!"
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza
Founder of Coinch
June 2018​
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During years, I was trying to get the required knowledge to build my startup. I found several incubators programs but all of them had a long acceptance process without warranties. When I accessed B4B was surprised about the approach they follow, as a completely online program they have all necessary tools to build your business.
Eugenia Gargallo
Eugenia Gargallo
Founder of UP Training
January 2016​
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"Having such a highly-structured and intuitive process has helped my project progress from idea to a fully-fleshed out business. I am so thankful for having Bridge for Billions supporting me… I don’t know where I’d be without Bridge and my mentor."
Emanuel Mzembe
Emanuel Mzembe
Founder of Bikema
November 2019​
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"Bridge for Billions is one of the best mentoring programs I have ever come across. By attending the program I met amazing mentors that helped me structure my business hence it now has a clear direction."
Eider Etxebarria
Eider Etxebarria
Co-founder of BiziPoz
June 2017​
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"The program helped us assess the viability of our project. Our mentor was very involved and her guidance had a real effect on our company’s development and sustainability."

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