After graduating from Bridge for Billions, all of our entrepreneurs have successfully continued their businesses. A number of our graduates were also accepted into post-incubation programs. Thanks to our program they now better understand the needs of their clients, and are more confident when pitching their idea to investors, accelerators, or judges.

From nascent entrepreneur to Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30

Bridge for Billions’ tools helped David refine his value proposition, and create a burgeoning company.

"Previously, I had found it difficult to find mentors in business that didn’t cost a fortune. The guidance and tools I need to succeed are all provided by Bridge for Billions as well as the advice necessary to take my business to the next level. Without the significant contributions of Bridge much of my progress would not have happened"
David Asiamah, Entrepreneur, AgroMindset, Ghana

Get an external perspective

Connecting personally with her mentor, Elisa gained a fresh look on her business and opened her eyes to things she had not thought about or she had stopped challenging.

"We're all a little blind with our own projects. Receiving feedback from my mentor helped me see things."
Elisa Arrudi, Entrepreneur, Casa Lila, Spain

See your future clearly

Bridge for Billions' visual platform gave José a clear view of where his business currently stood and what his next step should be.

"Bridge for Billions is a platform that enables me to synthesise all the information I have on my business plan, to recognise what is my potential, and overall to generate an ecosystem, a map, a drawing of where I am now and where I should go."
José Alfredo Martin, Entrepreneur, Apadrina Un Olivo, Spain

Great Support for a Difficult Journey

Our structured and accessible Business Creation Tools have propelled Eugenia to new heights, making an invaluable difference in her business.

"Having such a highly-structured and intuitive process, has helped my project progress from idea to a fully-fleshed out business which was ready to be presented to others. I am so thankful for having Bridge for Billions supporting me throughout the development of Future U. I don’t know where I’d be without Bridge and my mentor."
Eugenia Gargallo, Entrepreneur, Future U., Spain
David Asiamah Elisa Arrudi José Alfredo Martín Eugenia Gargallo

We are currently accepting entrepreneurs from around the globe at any stage of the process. Whether you just have a concept or you have a new venture you wish to strengthen, join Bridge for Billions to build a better business.



Bridge for Billions ensures that the mentoring experience is one that is as valuable for the mentor as it is for the entrepreneur. Our methodology, found in our Business Creation Tools, takes care of the difficult portion such as introducing new concepts. This way you can enjoy the rewarding portion of the relationship: immersing yourself in the startup journey, enriching the entrepreneur’s vision, and impacting the creation of the business.

Immerse yourself in your passion

Are you passionate about education? Technology? Sports? Like, Arturo, pick a project that excites you, and you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact you’ll have by investing nearly an hour a week.

"Getting paired up with an interesting project with whom I share a passion for athleticism, and also being able to help Marco and Daniel with the skills I have gained in my professional life has been the most rewarding part of this experience for me."
Arturo Romero, Mentor to Aureel

Simplifying mentorship; doing more with less

Bridge for Billions’ structure makes mentoring an entrepreneur an enjoyable process that can be done remotely.

"I’ve been a mentor before, and unlike other mentoring programs Bridge for Billions makes my job easy. It allows me to contribute more in less time. I really like it and I want to use it in the future"
Maria Oria, Mentor to Casa Lila

Learn while you help

We took care of the structure; you'll enjoy learning along with the entrepreneur and sharing your external perspective. Turning mentoring into a two-way learning opportunity, we open the experience to more people wishing to make a difference.

"Not only do I feel that I am making an impact, I am also gaining hands-on experience with the business development process, facilitated by the tools provided by Bridge for Billions."
Mandy Xi, Mentor to Booomers International

Be part of our network

Bridge for Billions’ online platform helps connect you as a mentor to our network of passionate entrepreneurs around the world.

"Bridge for Billions develops new links between entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to foster a global and social economy"
Andres Celave, Mentor to El Rincon Grande
Arturo Romero Maria Oria Mandy Xi Andrés Celave

Bridge for Billions accepts Mentors from any industry. If you are passionate about startups and want to help an equally passionate entrepreneur refine their idea, join Bridge for Billions.