Entrepreneurs from all over the world need your support

Your business skills can help them to develop solutions for COVID-19 and other social innovation projects.

 Become a volunteer mentor for 1-3h per week and guide early-stage founders in the development of their business projects from home through an online incubation program.

What is Bridge for Billions?

Bridge for Billions is a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem that offers organizations the possibility to connect their employees with early-stage founders globally.

The Leap

Solutions for Humanity

We believe that good mentorship can change the world! This is why we launched The Leap – Solutions for Humanity Edition, a sponsored online incubation program to support early-stage founders from around the world to develop solutions that will help combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

With your guidance and expertise, entrepreneurs can create high-impact and creative solutions that can be implemented globally to improve the lives of millions of people.


Can we count on you?

Support early-stage founders without leaving home with projects in the following areas in our one-time intensive online incubation program.

Digital Health

Solutions that enhance the efficiency of our healthcare through digital technology.

Work & Productivity

Supporting companies to be effective without being face to face, new tools of communication or collaboration.

Entertainment & Sports

Projects focused on stimulating creativity, amusement or health inside the home.

Food Production & Delivery

Solutions based on the efficiency of food delivery or the sustainability of those products.

Transportation & Logistics

Projects based on movement of passengers and the suppliance of goods.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Initiatives focused on the psychological state of people during this crisis, helping people meditate or reduce anxiety.

Social Assistance

Those initiatives that benefit the unemployed, the injured or seniors during this situation.

Education and Children

Solutions that facilitate e-learning for all ages and boost intellectual growth during the lockdowns.

Why mentoring?

Meet young innovators

Connect with innovative impact startups based on your interests and expertise, and chose one to mentor for 3 months!

Learn while Doing

Bridge for Billions' entrepreneurship methodology will facilitate your role as mentor, it's already supported 1000+ founders globally.

Expand your Network

Join a network of 700+ professionals who also became mentors and share your passion for impact and innovation, connect and learn from them.

Anytime, Anywhere

Mentor from anywhere at any time through our online platform that will guide both the entrepreneur and you step by step and provides a video room.

Refine your Skills

As mentor, you will be provided training and the same tools as entrepreneurs, which have proven to increase the mentorships' quality.

Be a Part of the Change

Help brave entrepreneurs who are tackling the toughest societal issues of our time and need guidance and a fresh perspective to make it happen!

Skills you'll foster by becoming a mentor

  • Leadership
  • Intrapreneurial Skills
  • Innovation methodology
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Empathy
  • Communication Skills
  • Open Mindedness
  • Awareness of Social Issues

Make impact from the comfort of your home this year!

Bridge for Billions and Procter & Gamble – Spain are joining forces to offer you a virtual volunteering mentoring program to support early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide.

If you apply as mentor, you’ll have access to a mentor training and the best-in-class tools to be the guide of one of the teams of entrepreneurs all along the incubation program.

P&G offers you this unique volunteering opportunity

You can join a vast global community of professional mentors and early-stage founders
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We'll make mentorship-based incubation easy

Help early-stage founders deep dive on the fundamentals of their business projects and build their business plan by guiding them through our 8 business tools. With the right tools, all professionals can become great mentors.

The Bridge for Billions methodology is based on the development of a business plan from scratch while the mentee is surrounded by a community of support; mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and our incubation team. 

Our online platform allows startups to experiment, do research and document their ideas step by step so that at the end of the program they can download their own business plan in PDF.

Interested in learning more about our business methodology? Learn more

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We are always looking for passionate professionals to join our network

Register your profile as a P&G mentor within the Bridge for Billions platform today!


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