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7-Day Preview Included

3-Month Incubation Program


(3 monthly payments of $120)

BCToolKit™ - 8 Business Tools

Expert Mentor Matching

12 Hours of Personalized Mentorship

Pitch-Ready Business Plan

Unlimited Team Members

24/7 Workspace Access

Live Helpdesk Support

Bridge Alumni Club


(Add-on after graduation)

Get introduced to investors in your sector

Troubleshoot your doubts, share you knowledge, and get peer-to-peer support with our online community

Consult with lawyers, accountants, and marketing experts for additional support

Continue tweaking your pitch since plans change all the time

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Nicole Castro

"Last year I was part of another incubation process... B4B is much more specific and it's lead me to rethink many aspects that I held as "certain" within my project."

Nicole Castro

Founder of GoodRags


Admir Hussini

"Bridge for Billions helped me structure my thinking: I was a bit shy with my project and I lost my shyness in the process."

Admir Huseini

Founder of Gauss School


Eugenia Gargallo

"I feel much safer talking about my project thanks to all the work I've done. I don’t know where I’d be without Bridge for Billions and my mentor."

Eugenia Gargallo

Founder of UP! Training Club


About Pricing

When do I start getting billed? For how long?

When purchasing Bridge for Billions, you automatically opt into an auto-payment where you will be billed a monthly fee for 3 consecutive months. Your first payment is charge on the day that you start your program (after matching with your mentor). At the end of your incubation you will have the option to join the Bridge Alumni Club for $50 a month.

I would love to get business support like this, but I cannot afford it.

Scholarships are available. To check your eligibility, email us at

Is there a fee to add a team member?

Nope! The price you see is the price per project regardless of the number of team members you add.

After the 3-month program, do I still have access to my work?

Of course. Once your plan is over you can no longer edit your business plan, but you will continue to have access to it from your account. If you join the Bridge Alumni Club, you will be able to edit it whenever you need

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