Meet our Mentors

Good mentorship unlocks potential

These are just some of the 530 mentors from over 60 countries that make up our network.

Gabriel Campillo

Insights to Innovation Lab Director at IE Business School

"Entrepreneurship is the future of economic growth worldwide, it's a key to personal fulfillment and reduction of poverty lines and a means to the wellbeing of societies."

Alicia Sánchez Soriano

Consultant in Ashoka Young Changemakers

"Call me crazy, but I love to see other people happy and succeding!" This phrase has a lot more sense when success consists in having a positive impact, when service is for the greater good."

Jean-Charles Prabonneau

Technology Strategy Manager at Accenture

"I'm very concerned by the impact our civilization has on our planet. I admire entrepreneurs and firmly believe change can come from them. They teach me a lot and I couldn’t be happier to continue supporting them!"

Carlos Bravo

Strategic Marketing Director at Grupo Zeta

"I like the project and would love to see the impact of it."

Dennis Leth

Founding Member at Open Consulting Group and Transform 21 - Certified Coach

"I see mentorship as one of the ways I can pay it forward and make an impact in history."

Mario Baz

Founder CoMarkt

"I want to make my experience in both business management and entrepreneurship, available to entrepreneurs."

Lalit Gautam

CEO at Sensegrass and BOD at

"I am an Entrepreneur turned Mentor turned Investor and I know the real problems any founder faces during the journey."

Mayte Varela

Business Mentor & Consultant

"Being a mentor in Bridge for Billions has been a magnificient journey. I'm very proud to be part of this community."

Nadia Mrabit

Co-Founder at Business Club Africa & International Project Management Expert

"My goal: share knowledge & know-how, mutually enriching experience, bringing a new perspective, and contributing to the growth of a company and an entrepreneur."

Ana Segovia

IT Recruitment Consultant at Montarelo Consulting

"I want to help with my experience of more than 30 years in the Information Technology sector as European Project Manager and Business Analyst."

Antonio Carlos Roca

Sales Manager at Kids&Us

"Being a mentor is a way to identify and have a better knowledge of investment opportunities and to participate in the management of an initiative."

José Furfaro

Business Strategy & People Development - Certified Coach

"Being a mentor means continous learning both for me and the entrepreneur. It's a win - win."

Luis Eduardo Reyes Plasencia

Senior Project Manager at Santalucia Seguros

"I like to help people who need a push to start an initiative or need that feedback that is not easy to find."

Victoria Zagorsky

Director at 4SiGHT Research & Analytics

"I am passionate about sustainable development, and I want to leverage my experience to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision while making a positive contribution to society."

Nelson Romero Urdaneta

CEO at Oduka - Certified Mentor

"I like helping others to achieve their objectives by transfering my profesional experience to others which I think can be a great asset."

Iliriana Kacaniku

Social Impact Design Consultant

I want to support young entrepreneurs making the world a better place through purposeful social enterprises, products, and services"

Trishna Patel

Product Manager- Pro Spend, Budgets & Lead Quality at HomeAdvisor

"Having recently gone through the entrepreneurship journey myself I know how important having a mentor who is supportive and objective can be in developing an idea. As a mentor I would love to use my lessons learned from my startup story to help future dreamers."

Eduardo Seisdedos

Founder at Cuatrotercios

"A platform of great potential that allows me to get in touch with a growing community of changemakers wanting to improve the world. It allows me to help develop those ideas or projects by contributing my knowledge, and at the same time learn from each of the projects in which I can get involved."

Leandro de Oliveira

VP, Business Development

"I am an entrepreneur myself, and after my MBA at IE Business School, I started working as a Portfolio Manager for an Open Innovation hub in Spain. It is so important to guide young entrepreneurs and share our failures because, in many cases, they just need someone to help develop a good idea. Growth is my personal motivation.

Loïc Veillard

Lead Product Manager

"I would love to share my experiences on the product & recruiting side to help entrepreneurs be 100% user, product & team focused. I've learned and compared several original methods in Amazon, PayFit & Meero related to product development and recruitment that I would love to share with entrepreneurs."

Sara Pedraz

Innovation Manager at Merck Group

"Being a mentor is a way to give back everything I have learnt from entrepreneurs in my career and to take advantage of my contacts and knowledge to promote early stage companies and talent."

Jose Gutiérrez Cuellar

EVP, Global Managing Director - Client Digital Services & Technology at Havas Media Group

"I love collaborating and engaging with talented individuals. I love the energy and passion that Entrepreneurs give to their projects, I find collaborating on these initiatives extremely refreshing and inspiring. I have always enjoyed working at fast pace environments, looking and executing innovative ideas."

Adriana Collini

Growth Program Manager at Seedstars

"I really like the idea of an online incubator as it gives anyone around the world access to the information and network. I'd like to support Bridge for Billions and the entrepreneurs with the knowledge I could gather from mentoring startups for our Seedstars competition as well as in different bootcamps around the world as I believe that individual coaching is key."

Luis Aparicio Garcia

Global Head of Content Monitoring & Benchmark in Amadeus IT Group

"I have been collaborating for many years with startups helping them as mentor, investor or different ways. Bridge for Billions allows me the opportunity to continue doing so in a global scale."

Marie-Anne Jaillot

CEO, founder and positive impact architect at Sustainable Innovation Lab

"Innovation and agility run my days and I've developed a strong lateral thinking which allows me to always see the big picture. I spend my days in designing new healthier schemes for circular economy. I aim to help entrepreneurs to build their "Return on Society"."

Victor Grau

Director of Engineering at Enigma MPC

"I believe in market-based approaches as a powerful force to do good in this world, and social entrepreneurs are the actors that harness that power. Having run a program at MIT for many years to inspire, educate and support socially-minded entrepreneurs, I wish to leverage my experience to continue supporting audacious entrepreneurs that are passionate to work for a better world!"

Amparo Fernández

Director of Enery Storage at Albufera Energy Storage

"I have met Pablo and it seems like a magnificent project, I hope to collaborate with someone and that we can grow together as professionals and people."

Jorge Iparaguirre

Founding Director at Jorge Iparraguirre

"The versatility of my profession and my passion for entrepreneurship has led me to develop my own startup and I see in B4B a great possibility to continue with this development and establish contact with people who are in the phase of developing their project, and with whom I can collaborate in a 180º process."

Javier Esteban

Cofounder Cryptoplaza

"My outgoing and enterprising personality favors participation in different social activities in which I develop my skills related to management and organization. I have led projects for leading brands in different sectors within my fields of action: technology and events focused on the consumer. The functions that I usually do are identify objectives, create new business opportunities and income, plan strategies and execution."

Rossella Enrica

Founder and Creative Consultant at One Blue Dot

"With my experience in founding and developing an on-line startup in the fashion sector coupled with my experience in the legal industry, I am passionate about sharing my professional experience with young entrepreneurs who are seeking to use their skills and ideas to make a positive impact both locally and even internationally."

Sophie Castell

Founder and Co-Active Coach at Echoes Coaching

"In love with what you do as it's one of my passions to help others succeed, specially if they are women and in under privileged environment. I've been a mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation for 2 years."

Alexandre Ameline

VP Business Development and US Manager at Tagadamedia

"I’m an entrepreneur involved in several projects, I’m curious, I’m passionate and I work hard to find solutions for a better and more efficient world. I believe my experience can be helpful to other entrepreneurs and I'd be happy to help, support and exchange with them so they can succeed with their project."

Tigrilla Gardenia

Nature-Inspired Personal and Business Mentor

"I could sum up my reasoning for wanting to become a mentor into the simple belief that we all deserve to thrive. I believe dreams are fuel for the planet and all its inhabitants, especially when those dreams are co-created with them. If my knowledge can help another manifest their dreams, then I will gladly share it."

Do you want to be a mentor or do you want to be guided by one?