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Perks of being part of Bridge for Billions Community

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Google Cloud for Startups

With Google Cloud G-Suit you will have access to the Google services like personalised e-mail domains, cloud tools and storage, among others resources to make your startup grow! ​

Receive $3,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits, good for 12 months and: 

  • One year of free G Suite (up to 5 Users – only valid for new domains), or a year of discounted upgrades to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise.
  • Disccount and credits for Google Ads (US only) Stripe Atlasr, MongoDB Atlas.
  • Among other benefits!

To apply to this perk you need to meet this requirements:

  • Be an early-stage, technology-based startup company that focus on growth potential, based in an approved territory.
  • Startups should not have previously received promotional Cloud credits outside of the free-tier offering.
  • Startups should be less than 5 years old and have not raised more than a Series A.

To use this perk, fill out this form This form is our team’s unique application link – please help us avoid fraudulent use by not sharing with anyone outside the community.

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Hubspot for Startups

HubSpot for Startups is designed specifically for startups that need tools, strategy & support for growth that’s both fast and scalable. From day one, customer acquisition and customer retention has never been easier than with HubSpot for Startups.

If you are a startup with under $2 million in funding: You are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% off ongoing.

If you are a startup who has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A: You are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% off ongoing.

1. Apply on this page:

2. Select Bridge for Billions as your startup partner

3. Enter in your funding levels (if any)

4. Purchase eligible products at Startup Pricing!

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Activate benefits are designed to give you the right mix of tools and expert support so you can succeed with AWS while optimising performance, managing risk, and keeping costs under control.

With this perk you can access:

$5k in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years 1 year of Business Support (up to $1,500).
Opportunities to Qualify for Additional Credits.

To access to this perk complete this form: and use
Organization ID: 134Kc

entrepreneur's album allows you to create animated and interactive content without coding knowledge. You can create infographics, presentations, posters, dossiers, video presentations and other graphic elements that help you creating resources for your company’s communication.

You can access to a 40% discount in the PRO subscriptions for being part of the Bridge for Billions community.

To get this discount you need to create a free account in the web page and introduce the following discount code: BRIDGE4BILLIONS40 when upgrading your plan.

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Mailjet, the platform that helps you to easily create, schedule, manage and analyze your email campaigns.

You can access to 5 months free access to Mailjet’s Bronze Premium plan: The features of Mailjet include: 

30.000 emails/month.
Unlimited Contacts.
Advanced Email Editor.
Advanced Statistics.
A/B Testing.
Marketing Automation.
Multi-user real-time collaboration.
Tool available in 5 languages (ES, FR, EN, IT, DE)
Access to technical support team in 5 languages (ES, FR, EN, IT, DE)

Mailjet will provide knowledge resources to help community members improve their emailing strategy through live online workshops/webinars, downloadable documents, and guides, recorded webinars, etc.

To access to this perk you will have to:
-Create an account in Mailjet’s platform
-Introduce the promo code: MAILJETXBRIDGE. For help introducing your Promo Code you can check this link.

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As part of Bridge for Billions community, you can access to Hatch, the global startup program from DigitalOcean, that will help you to grow your business.

Hatch benefits include:

-Access up to $1,000 worth of DigitalOcean’s cloud for up to 12 months.
-Technical training and mentorship.
-Priority support through DigitalOcean’s Customer Success teams.
-An opportunity to connect with the global Hatch community through a dedicated slack channel.
-Marketing and promotions through DigitalOcean’s social channels, newsletters and events.
Invites to exclusive networking events.

To access to this perk, follow this two steps:

STEP 1: Create a DigitalOcean team account with your official email address in the platform, add a valid payment method and use the same email address to apply on the link (in step 2) below to enable the team to apply the credits.

STEP 2: Fill out Hatch application link: Please mention that you are part of Bridge for Billions when prompted for the ‘Accelerator/Incubator/VC name’. Verified startups will receive the credits within 15 days of applying.

If you have any questions, please write to

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Startup with IBM: Startup with IBM can put your business on the path to transformative growth. Access IBM Cloud services with free credits.

Get from $1,000 up to $10,000 free credits per month. Apply to the Builder program and then you can upgrade your support to Preemium.
Builder program includes:
-$1,000/month in IBM Cloud credits for one year.
Premium program includes:
-$10,000/month in IBM Cloud credits for up to one year

Requirements for applying to Builder program:

-Your business revenue in the last 12 months is less than $1M USD -Your business has been in business for fewer than five years

-You have previously received no IBM technology credits

-You are not a paying IBM Cloud customer Requirements to upgrade to Premium program

Apply here:

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Penji is the startup which offers graphic design services at a monthly subscription

Special subscription is just for non-profit organisations and for $1/month you get access to:

Unlimited designs: Submit as many design projects as your non-profit needs and let Penji take care of the rest.

Quality designs: Work with the top 2% of vetted graphic designers capable of taking on any design. 

Fast turnaround: Dependable designers work on your projects daily with 24 – 48 hrs turnaround on most projects.

Ownership of files: You have 100% ownership of all original source files created for your project.

The criteria to be elegible for this offer are:

  • To be a non-profit organization serving either students, immigrants or struggling mothers.
  • 501(c3): Your organization must be registered as a 501(c3) non-profit.
  • Direct Impact: Organization’s mission must directly serve the demographic
  • Proven programs: Currently have ongoing programs with proven success

Ready to benefit from this perk? APPLY HERE

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Customerly is a platform that help you manage your customer service through live chat, email marketing and more!

As part of the Bridge for Billions Community you will have $260 OFF on any plan. This means that they will be able to access to our Startup plan for free for 9 months or 3 months for free for the PRO plan.

To access to this disccount you need to create an account in and use this coupon code: BRIDGEFORBILLION

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The world’s leading service provider for Internet of Things (IoT).
One global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation.

The program gives access to tools, one-to-one support, on-site workshops, and others perks, through a global ecosystem of partners.

Members of the program can enjoy a tailor-made onboarding process in order to help them scale, which includes hardware, a communication pack, and a private Slack channel.

To have access to this perk you need to send an email to: and we will communicate to you how to proceed. 

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Atlassian Starter Licences

Atlassian makes tools like Jira and Trello that are used by thousands of teams worldwide.

Access to about 10 of atlassian software for $10 a year

Coming Soon.

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Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, or an e-commerce store, Stripe’s integrated payments platform helps you build and scale your business online.

With this partnership you’ll get: 

20,000€ in fee-free processing
50% Atlas discount to incorporate in the US easily for $250 (regular price is $500)

For the payment processing benefit you can apply here.

For the Atlas benefit you can apply here.

Terms & conditions :
• There is a one-year expiration: startups that have not processed 20 000€ one year after activating the perk will return to the regular fee schedule.
• Companies who have already redeemed a previous offer with Stripe are not eligible. Additionally, companies using Shopify payments are not eligible for waived processing fees.

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Choose from a beautiful hand-picked collection featuring over 12 Million High-Quality Royalty-Free images, vectors, and graphics from 11K+ talented photographers to conquer all your business’ web, print, design, and marketing needs.

Get the first 4 months free on any of our monthly plans ($400 Value)

1. Go to

2. Select the plan you desire and create an account

3. On the checkout, apply code “BFB” for your first 4 months free