What makes us tick


We believe that entrepreneurship is the most effective tool for solving some of the biggest issues we face; both globally and locally. Solving these issues would not be possible without the millions of brave entrepreneurs that exist throughout the world. That’s why we decided to create Bridge for Billions. To guide and impulse those who want to change and improve the world.

Access to innovation has often become a luxury, which is why our main motivation is to unlock opportunity for those who wish to generate a change.

Believing that everything has already been invented doesn’t fly with us. There are billions of possible consumers with needs to be met, and others that can be solved in a better way. We like to dream with a world full of opportunities; a world without limits.

We’re completely allergic to conformism. We’re the push that you need when you want to start, but don’t know how. We’re the spark that you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that can change the world. We firmly believe in the potential of each person who decides to take that leap and chase their dreams.

We’re not going to lie; it’s going to be hard. Everything that’s important usually is. The views won’t always be the best, and the path will sometimes be an uphill climb.

But if you can overcome these barriers and get to the top of the mountain; the views will be more than worth it. We’re going to build those bridges that you need to take the next steps; we’re going to help you start off on the right foot. Without barriers, and without excuses.

You’re going to make it… and we’ll be there to see it.

We're on a mission to democratize access to entrepreneurship support worldwide

Our Beliefs

Innovation can Happen Anywhere

We are committed to the idea that innovation and entrepreneurship should have no borders. We harness the power of technology to ensure that location doesn’t play a role in limiting the ability of an entrepreneur to receive mentorship, support, or visibility.

Collaborative & Active Learning are Most Effective

We are passionate about the exchanging of ideas. We believe that this exchange is how learning is made more effective. We also believe that the best way to learn is through action. By putting into practice what you’ve learned, you better understand the ideas and how they play out in your business.

Motivation + Resources = Successful Entrepreneurs

We strive to make entrepreneurship accessible to all who are motivated and passionate about business. Those who are motivated should not fail because of a lack of opportunity or access to a traditional business program.

Good Mentorship Unlocks Potential

Mentorship provides a fresh look on an idea. They give an unbiased and external point of view to ensure that you’re on the right path. We believe that it is this mentorship that helps develop strong businesses with the potential to succeed.



Pablo Santaeufemia

CEO & co-founder

Entrepreneurship and innovation geek, Forbes 30 under 30, and Ashoka Fellow, who’s driven by his desire to make all that he’s learned available to everyone. He graduated from Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University.


Jessica Kou

CDO & co-founder

Designs the UI/UX of Bridge for Billions. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Carnegie Mellon University with Biomedical Engineering and Innovation Management degrees.


Jaime Mateo

Engineering Manager

Coordinates our diverse tech team, develops clean code and ensures your privacy is our #1 priority. He graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and studied in the University of Eindhoven. Read his story.


Julie Murat


Leads the operations team, co-creates programs with partner organizations, and takes care of the team's well-being. She graduated from ESSCA Business School and Universidad de Chile.


Adolfo Berraquero

Sales & Partnership Executive

A serial entrepreneur himself, he wants every entrepreneur in the world to know about our program, and he won't rest until he achieves it. He graduated from the University of Sevilla.


Andrea Zaragoza

Incubation Manager

Strategic thinker with a soft-spot for people, projects and opportunities for impact and innovation. Mexican-born, US-raised, she's here to ensure our entrepreneurs success. Graduated from CU Boulder and IED Madrid.


Allie Whitefleet

Product Manager

MBA and Fulbrighter, she’s customer experience obsessed and manages our product roadmap. She brings our teams together to make sure we’re constantly improving. Graduated from Loyola Maryland and IE.


Pablo Parejo

FullStack Developer

He loves building applications from the foundation up and always has User Experience, high performance, and stability at the top of his mind. He graduated from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.


Hannes Reinsch

FullStack Developer

The youngest of the team and highly passionate about helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by building our application improvements from scratch with the latest technologies.


Alexandra Martins

Community Lead

Her top priority is building bridges for our community. She believes sharing and co-creation may change the world and that's her drive. Graduated from Lisbon School of Economics and ISCTE Executive Education. Read her story.


Rodrigo Casar

Performance Marketing

He analyzes data and identifies patterns to develop strategies to reach all entrepreneurs around the world. Mexican graduate in mechanical engineering from ITESO and MBA from UACH.


Andrea Carron

Sales & Partnership Executive

Passionate about enabling connections for impact, her priority is to foster growth by finding strategic partnerships. From the US, she Graduated from Indiana University and IE Madrid.


Sebastián Beeche

Incubation Manager

Costa Rican who is passionate about social enterprises, the collaborations made between them, and the respective results. He is here to support entrepreneurs and mentors who take The Leap. Graduated from IE University.


Phoebe Smith

Digital Content Lead

On a mission to seek out the best digital content for entrepreneurs around the globe. After studying communication in Brazil, she loves all things audiovisual. Graduated from The University of Leeds, UK.


Robert Molina

React Developer

A React.js software developer, he develops our frontend application. His goal? To allow entrepreneurs around the world to follow our methodology and improve their ventures by following our step by step program.


Nadia Gómez

Digital Marketing Lead

A Mexican journalist from ITESM. Every day, she only wants two things: to go indoor cycling and to change the world. She's doing the latter by increasing the number of supported entrepreneurs.


Afia Bobia Amanfo

Program Manager

A startup enthusiast with a special love for impact organizations. From Ghana, she considers herself a lifelong learner. Supporting our amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem with great programs and content.